Excerpt from The World Wide Reference Book of the Nation’s Treasures, Europeana, 2008, virtual edition: 

"HAYDAMAKY have set a new European trend in Ukrainian music. The band has its own alternative identity, a base of genuine Ukrainian folk music and a distinct social message formed by a group of high level professional musicians. It is an intellectual ethno-system, an example of lively world music culture with elements of modern Kozak rock, dub, punk, reggae, ska, and historic Ukrainian and Balkan music treasures. 

The band was formed at a time of world-changing events and the emergence of the Ukrainian national consciousness. Haydamaky soon left the underground stage, but instead of merging with the Ukrainian music elite or playing for the diaspora, they went further on to gain Europe's favour. Haydamaky’s audience grew from random passers-by in the streets of Berlin to crowds numbering in the thousands at the world’s largest music festivals such as Lowlands, Mundial, and Przystanek Woodstock. The band’s albums are released in Ukraine, England, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia by one of the four major music labels – EMI, and WOMEX Top Label award winning EASTBLOCK, Germany. Their concert performances extend from the Black Sea to the Norwegian Sea covering Baltic and Roman-Germanic countries, bringing together the minds and ideas of people from all over the world. "