The year 2012 for HAYDAMAKY proved to be saturated with a number of important events. On January 29 they together with Polish rockers performed the joint “golden” musical program at the ceremony of opening of the main football arena in Poland for EURO-2012 Warsaw National Stadium. By the way, HAYDAMAKY were not only single Ukrainian group, but also the only foreign group to be invited to take part in this ceremony. Soon the dominant event in the new history of the group happened: change in its membership in February 2012. This serious and complex step was due to the long-lasting disputes inside the band concerning the further trends of creative work. In spite of many efforts, no compromise was found, and as a result of the failure to understand one another, HAYDAMAKY renewed the membership. of musicians. The author of the songs and vocalist Oleksandr Iarmola remained the leader of the band.

At the beginning of February 2012 HAYDAMAKY presented the first single “Divchyna z Dnipra” from their future new album and the initial renewed membership including the famous Polish guitarist Piotr “Dziki” Hantsevich, bassist Tomash "SOOLOO" Solnitsa, drummer Dmytro Kushnir and accordionist Dmytro Motuzok. The participation of the Polish musicians was temporary and connected with difficulties to find suitable musicians in Ukraine for such a short time needed for non-stop work. In fact, their help was very fruitful for the band. Many successful arrangements were made with them for both old and new songs. One can see Dziki and Sooloo in the video for the song “Divchyna z Dnipra”. Some time later Dziki became the producer of the new album “Hodi Spaty!” released in 1913 and performed the guitar part in it. The change in the membership of the band significantly affected HAYDAMAKY’s sound. The first single was keenly appreciated by listeners as a high-quality product of the European standard. It was a piece of harmonic and aggressive Ukrainian rock-n-roll admixed with folk. This change in style was desirable: Oleksandr Iarmola had long dreamed to turn the band to rock-n-roll. And at last the band’s sound is different: driveful, sincere, sometimes even hard, powerful, with vivid rock charge.

On April 25 HAYDAMAKY gave their first concert in the renewed membership. It was held in Iarmola’s native town Chornobyl, which was symbolic.

Therefore, since 2012 the band HAYDAMAKY has included the following musicians:

Oleksandr Iarmola – vocal, sopilka, lyrics (1993)

Dmytro Motuzok – accordion (2012)

Dmytro Kirichok – bass (2012)

Dmytro Kushnir – drums (2012)

Andrii Slieptsov – guitar (2012)

Roman Dubonos – trumpet (2012)

Maksym Boiko – trombone (2012)


In such a way, the new history of the band started. In 2012 HAYDAMAKY played many concerts in Ukraine and Poland. Furthermore, over the whole 2012 they worked at a new album, which was released in April 2013 under the titles “Hodi Spaty!” (in Ukraine) and «No More Peace!» (abroad). In January 2013 a video for the song “Call me later” was filmed with the participation of young Polish reggae-performer Kamil Bednark. Thereafter the band toured Poland and Germany.

In April 2013 the official presentation of the new album was held in Crystal-Hall in Kyiv. In May 2013 HAYDAMAKY played at the Reperkussion festival in Spain (Galicia) together with the world-known star MANU CHAO, with whom they shortly found common language.