HAYDAMAKY’s journey in the formation of their philosophy, style and composition began in February 1993 in Kyiv, when a new member Oleksandr Yarmola joined the local underground rock band Actus ( where Ruslan Ovras (drums) and Volodymyr Sherstyuk (bass-guitar) were playing) and completely changed its outlook. Oleksandr had previously sung in folk choirs, played the sopilka and Ukrainian percussion instruments.  Headed by a new progressive front man the band released an album entitled Ranok (The Morning) – noticeably influenced by Celtic folk tunes.  In 1995 the band was honoured at the Chervona Ruta Festival. 
A year later, HAYDAMAKY’s style changed once again as Ivan Leno (accordion) became a member of the band. In search of a fresh alternative, they turned to the sounds of reggae, ska and punk, and by mixing these different cultures the band presented their own music style comprising elements of Ukrainian folk music.  It was not only the sounds that attracted HAYDAMAKY to these genres, but also the political impact they had on society, as well as the fact that significant social changes could be achieved through music. While touring throughout Europe, the band recorded another album called No One Comprehends, which was released in 1998 by the KOKA label, Poland.