In 2011, the life of Haydamaky was full of important and interesting events. Some of them are worth  mentioning specially.  
The album-book «Voo Voo ї Haydamaky», created and released in Poland, became an unchallengeable  bestseller in its style. HAYDAMAKY were awarded with personalized “Golden Album”. 
In June HAYDAMAKY  successfully  participated in Tribute  of Serhiy Kuzminskyi’s (Brothers Gadiukiny) “Ja Vernuvsia Domiv”  along  with the best rock bands of Ukraine. 
In July at the large-scale festival “The creation of Peace” led by A. Makarevych where 200  musicians from 12 countries took part, in particular the frontman of scandal punks «SexPistols» John Lidon  (with the project «Public Image Ltd»),  leader of  the rock-legend «Creedence Clearwater Revival» John Fogerty,  president of the festival A. Makarevych  with “Orchestra  for Creole tango”,  «Bі-2», Garik Sukachov  with «The Untouchable” and the like, the Ukrainian band HAYDAMAKY once more  demonstrated their high level of mastership before the 250 -thousand audience.   After the performance of HAYDAMAKY  the general producer of the festival Sergiy Mirov said: «I’d like to mark an astounding Ukrainian band HAYDAMAKY. By now it is the coolest representative of the Ukrainian rock. Sorry to say, in general, modern music in Ukraine has been developed far better than in Russia.”  
Furthermore, HAYDAMAKY participated in the implementation of a number of social projects. In April they took part in  the memorial concert in a bomb shelter in the framework  of the charity cultural marathon “Remember”, the aims of which were to remind everybody the tragic disaster at the Chornobyl Nuclear Station,  to pay attention to their consequences  and to gather money for acquisition of required equipment for the Center of Oncohematology and  Marrow Transplantation at the hospital “OKHMATDYT” , where sick children from all regions of Ukraine  receive treatment for cancerous blood diseases . In November in the framework   of  the educational project “Alternative lessons of history”,  Oleksandr Yarmola and Fagot (TNMK)  realized  a multimedia  lesson named “Carpathian Ukraine”. This project was initiated by NGO “Ne bud bajduzym”to withstand the groundless perversion of the historical truth in novel textbooks  “History of Ukraine”.