Touring around Europe, HAYDAMAKY played at Lowlands (Netherlands, 2008), one of the world’s largest festivals, headlined a massive music event Ander Art (Munich, Germany, 2008), and were the day’s headliners at a large Hungarian club gathering Hangfoglalas Soundquest Festival (Budapest, Hungary, 2008). From October 2nd through the 11th, the band played at the closing of each day at Ukrainian Week (Rust, Germany), a Ukrainian culture festival held in Europe’s largest amusement park, Europa Park. 
On July 19, 2008, a joint project by HAYDAMKY and Polish cult band Voo Voo was presented at the Strefa Inne Brzmienia Festival. Voo Voo became a metaphysical foundation on which Haydamaky built their sound and created an incredible music mix.  According to Voo Voo, the Polish intellectual music grandees who released over 30 albums, cooperation with HAYDAMAKY encouraged them to learn more about their own culture. The original idea for the joint project was thought up by Voo Voo’s leader Wojciech Waglewski. He admires HAYDAMAKY’s music, calling it the work of genius, and HAYDAMAKY, in their turn, say it is a great honour to work with Voo Voo. The compilation of their joint works was recorded and released in Poland in February 2009 within the Inne Brzmienia music series.