A studio high in the mountains, unique analog equipment, and the high moral values and professionalism of the studio’s owner presented the perfect conditions for creating new material. Exquisite work by Cezary Borowski at DRStudio (Wisla, Poland), processing and mastering by famous dub-masters Mario Aktivator and Jarek Smok at AS One Studio gave the new album its final touch. Released in Spring 2008, Kobzar was a mix of rap, dub, reggae, ska, the rich authentic sounds of the bandura by Ivan Tkalenko, the band’s own lyrics and Cossack songs, Ivan Leno’s young daughter singing (Malanka) and a sociopolitical spirit (Message).    
An atmospheric video for the song Message was recorded at DRStudio with Pidzama Porno’s leader Krysztof Grabowsky and Reggaenerator, and Pablopavo – an alternative duo from the Vavamuffin band. The video was directed by Taras Khimych. Later on, three more videos were produced: 4 Dvory (4 Courtyards) directed by Anton Khomyakhov, Rosa (Dew) and Efir (Ether) by Viktor Pryduvalov.  An animated video for the song Malanka created by Serhiy Melnychenko, the director of the Chervona Sobaka (Red Dog) Studio for children, won first prize at the Minianima Talent Contest held at the Open Night. Take 12 festival, and a viewers' award at the 3rd International Festival of Independent Cinematography KinoLev-2008.  
The Kobzar European promotional tour covered 8 countries: Belgium, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, seven concerts in Germany and a debut in Sweden and Denmark. After it was released in Ukraine the album was presented in Berlin by the EastBlock Music label.  
"Kobzar – it is our thoughts, it is our tales about our life. It is nomadic and protected solely by our own angels, just the way it was with any wandering kobzar in the times of Haydamachyna", said Oleksand Yarmola. The European tour ended on March 7, 2008, with a HAYDAMAKY solo concert at the International Center for Arts and Humanities Zhovtnevyj Palace, Ukraine. Press from the international music journal B EAST Mag and the Franco-German TV company ARTE, which broadcasts Europe's liveliest art and culture news, travelled to Ukraine especially to attend the event. 
The concert was a hit! That evening HAYDAMAKY created a precedent, becoming the first Ukrainian band with folk elements to rise up from the underground, to cause major excitement in the non-pop culture scene. The event was highlighted by all major Ukrainian mass media. According to members of other Ukrainian bands, the event was the impetus that led this type of music to a new level of perception by both listeners and musicians. HAYDAMAKY’s huge solo concert in the downtown area of Ukraine's capital, promoting the band’s fourth album Kobzar, was truly historic.