«Hey, Ivane!» HAYDAMAKY ft FEMEN:

0whHLC pV3MUkraine was integrated in Europe long ago. The Ukrainian ideas including rebel movements have been implemented and spread, and Ukraine has acquired rich experience of fight for liberation. The fact is that the Ukrainian passionarity is part of the world power which is worth recognizing throughout the world and corresponds to haydamaky’s spirit of freedom. The video uses some frames from FEMEN’s protest actions and HAYDAMAKY’s concerts. Powerful energetics of “haydamachchyna” is presented in this united man-and-woman embodiment.

“We chose FEMEN for cooperative work at the video for the song “Hey, Ivane!” as they are cool, shocking and sexual. When men become glamorous, women become courageous. We are glad to see ourselves beside them on the screen.:” - O.Iarmola, HAYDAMAKY.

“It is honour for us to become part of the real ukraininan rock which HAYDAMAKY presented us. Boys, keep your chins up! “The song helps us to survive the regime” (this is a prase used by dissidents of the Stalin time)...”

Love for HAYDAMAKY and Ukraine!” – Anna Hutsol, FEMEN


«Hey, Ivane!» HAYDAMAKY ft FEMEN:

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