HAYDAMAKY visited Donetsk’s Euromaidan

90581956On Sunday January 12 HAYDAMAKY arrived in Donetsk to give a concert to support the local Euromaidan.

They were accepted very warmly, even hotly. In spite of danger to be attacked by “titushky” (half-criminal sportsmen), who are very numerous in this region, about 500 real Ukrainian patriots gathered on the square, which is a good enough sign.

The concert took place just on the square at the monument to Shevchenko. Even serious problems connected with the sound and the rain could not decrease HAYDAMAKY’s irrepressible power. As always, the boys were in T-shirts and the solist in “sharovars” (folk trousers of old fashion) only. They played old and new compositions which had been performed before on Kyiv’s and Kharkiv’s Maidans raising the protestants’ spirit, charging them with power for further struggle and strengthening their belief in victory. Shortly to say, the concert was success. Our friends from Donetsk sincerely thanked the boys for support with a real Ukrainian rock-n-roll, and we were grateful to them for the invitation to Donetsk and for their courage and indestructibility of spirit (because to take part in protest actions in Donetsk is a hard deal…)

HAYDAMAKY wish them to keep strength for this hard struggle and hope for further meetings!


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