HAYDAMAKY have returned from “Euromaidan Tour”

1970477 706016109418486_654188788_nA big “Euromaidan Tour” around Poland was planned by the band HAYDAMAKY long ago. The initial purpose of the tour was not only to express thanks to Polish people and the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland for their support for Maidan, but also to meet common people, journalists, even politicians and to tell them about the Ukrainian revolution by words of witnesses.

The departure was planned for February 18. Having spent that whole day in the area of the hardest Maidan-police confrontation, the group did not put the tour off and left Kyiv under dangerous conditions in the evening. As a result of the tragic events, the tour in Poland assumed a new special sense: the key purpose of the tour became raising fund to support the families of the public protestants who were killed or wounded during the confrontation.

In Poland interest in the events in Ukraine was enormous. The matter was that the band had played at Maidan on repeated occasions supporting the protestants with genuine patriotic Ukrainian songs. And the aim of the band’s concerts was to convey the spirit of Maidan to Polish people, who were a long way from the thick of the events and showed a keen interest in them. Besides a number of interviews at the main Polish TV and radio channels , HAYDAMAKY honored the memory of Nebesna Sotnia (Heavenly Hundred) after each concert, communicated with the audience, answered various questions concerning Maidan, told them about the latest events, shared their opinions on the evolution of the events. It is not an exaggeration to say that gratitude of the audience was effusive because lively communication with participants of Maidan was a real revelation for them.

Thanks to the concerts, HAYDAMAKY collected a marked sum of money intended for help to the families of the killed and wounded participants of Maidan.

After 9 concerts about all Poland the musicians have returned home. The struggle is going on.


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