Без имени-2Not long ago the band HAYDAMAKY took part in the International music conference PopMind held in the South of France near Toulouse.   
    HAYDAMAKY were invited for “a round tableto make a report on music-politics interactions. The conference assembled participants from the whole France and many other countries of Europe. There оne could see a good deal of famous artists, musicians, producers, festival managers and concert agency workers.  

    After several purely theoretical reports HAYDAMAKY told the audience about their own experience of music-politics relations. Furthermore, they informed about the events which had aroused a keen interest throughout the world: Maidan, Revolution of Dignity, and the current Russia-Ukraine war. In particular, they gave bright examples how our art served the cause of the Revolution and how common people displayed their talents during the revolutionary events. Then the  band represented new compositions created in the course of  Revolution of Dignity such as “Zahin ne pomityv vtraty biitsia” (“The squadron took no notice of a soldier’s loss”) and  “Derevyani Shchyty” (“Wooden Shields”). The genuineness and power of these compositions alongside with information about revolutionary events in Ukraine told by their witnesses deeply moved all those present. Some of them came up to the boys in tears and expressed their gratitude and support for all Ukrainian people.

     After the official part of the conference HAYDAMAKY were attacked by the listeners and, despite their under-completeness, presented some popular Ukrainian and own songs in the acoustic form.  As known, the French are well-acquainted with world music, and it is thus valuable that they enthusiastically appreciated the performance.

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