«Tilky liubov zalyshyt tebe zhyvym” (Only love will keep you alive) – HAYDAMAKY & Аndrii Makarevych & Maciej Malenczuk




Throughout the world political ambitions provoke international conflicts and cause warsmore or less widespread and bloody.  As a rule, great politicians unleash wars, but common people suffer and perish. The whole nations may become “a change card” in political games.  During the war people demonstrate their both best and worst features and emotions.  Yet yesterday composed and peaceful people suddenly find themselves in a situation when they must kill other people to remain alive. Unfortunately, such situations have happened many times and are happening today in the world. Lately we have observed such events in Africaon the Balkans in the Middle East, and nowadays a war has come into our calm and peace-loving country. And we ourselves have seen and experienced how terrible this disaster is.

 HAYDAMAKY  addressed their idea on creation of a joined manlike song about peace to Andrii Makarevych and Maciej Malenczuk. About peace as an alternative for all kinds of wars such as total, hybrid, economic, informative and others. The song  «Only love will keep you alive» is the musicians’ answer to the sufferings of common peoplethe cynicism and hypocrisy of politicians, the complex and  unfair situation, into which Ukraine has happened to get nowadays.

The song is full of harmony and man’s austerity.

The idea of the song arose at a rehearsal at  Maciej Malenczuks studio near Krakiv. By the way, it is the first official musical composition, where this famous singer plays saxophone. Some time later Andrii Makarevych, with whom HAYDAMAKY  kept friendly relations, was invited to join the project. He became the author of the words «Only love will keep you alive», which were chosen for the title. The music was recorded at the FDR studio in Kyiv.


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