HAYDAMAKY, Sziget 2015

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In August HAYDAMAKY got the chance to visit “Freedom Island” in Budapest for the second time with a new musical performance. Their show at the Sziget  festival happened to be the final concert  in the frame of the 10-day concert tour, which included concerts in Poland, Romania, rehearsals and jam sessions in Ukrainian Carpaty at Drahobrat and  performances on the main stage of Zahidfest. At this concert HAYDAMAKY  presented a one-hour show in their own signature style “Kozak rock”. The program included both known hits of the band which had been presented at the Sziget before and the best songs from the new album “UkrOp” devoted to the tumultuous events through which Ukraine is going nowadaysThe guys performed under the hot sun conditions when people traditionally try to hide in a shelter, so obviously it is more difficult to bring together many people than if you are the headliner in front of already warmed-up funs. But HAYDAMAKY did itThey made true music fans from all Europe sing and dance. An interesting moment happened when the frontman of HAYDAMAKY Oleksandr Iarmola met Horan Brehovych who had been included in the blacklist because of his visit to the Crimea this year. He explained to the legend in a conclusive way that a personality of such a high level should not interfere into international conflicts on the occupant’s side. 

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