Haydamaky «Оsin litu nasnylas” (summer dreamt about autumn) from the film “legend of the princess Оlha”


This year  the signed historical drama- movie called “LEGEND OF THE PRINCESS OLHA  (director Yuri Ilyenko), which was screened thirty years ago only in the Russian language through the soviet censorship and ideology, at last has been translated and dubbed in Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian language version of the movie will be presented on Independence Day (August 24) at the cinema theatre “Kyivska Rus”, where the premiere of the film took place in 1984. Most of the actors participating in the film have gone. Among them Les Serdiuk, Kostiantyn Stepankov, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Dmytro Myrhorodskyi and others. 

Therefore some current Ukrainian actors and musicians were invited to make the dubbing. Only Liudmyla Yefymenko (princess Olha) and Victor Demertash (prince Mal)  voiced themselves.

In addition, many other actors took part in this project, namely Rymma Ziubina (Malusha), 

Oleksandr Ihnatusha (prince Volodymyr)

Kostiantyn Voitenko (young prince Volodymyr), 

Oleh Stalchuk (Greak Arefa), 

Yuriy Vysotskyi (voevode Novhorodskyi), 

Bohdan Beniuk (Ilm), 

Andrii Mostrenko (Sveneld), 

Pavlo Skorokhodko (Rus), 

Oleksandr Zavalskyi (Vivera), 

Borys Heorhiivskyi (Tree-cloud), 

Liudmyla Suslova  (priestess). 

One of the principal parts of the movieprince Sviatoslavperformed by Les Serdiukwas revoiced by Oleksandr Iarmola, the frontman of HAYDAMAKY band.

A literary adaptation of the translation was made by the Kapranov brothers. Maksym Kondratiuk is director of the dubbing, and Artem Mostovyi is a sound producer.


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