«Tilky liubov zalyshyt tebe zhyvym” (Only love will keep you alive) – HAYDAMAKY & Аndrii Makarevych & Maciej Malenczuk

macOn October 6 at 18.50 (by the Kyiv time) the new video for the joint composition «Only love will maintain you alive»  was presented online at the Russian ТV channelDojd. This song was released  in July as the answer to the sufferings of common people as well as to the cynicism and hypocrisy of politicians and the complex and  unfair situation, into which Ukraine had happened to get. It united the creative efforts of representatives of three neighboring countries with complex common history and relations.  All this was stressed on in the one-hour live broadcast interview  with invited to the studio Andrii Makarevych who was interrupted by direct Skypе insertions with the leader of HAYDAMAKY  Oleksandr Iarmola and Maciej Malenczuk

The song aroused a vivid and broad reaction in all of the tree countries.

Some other creative personalities  took part in the work at the video: it is a product of the work of the famous Ukrainian  film-director  Victor Pryduvalov. Moreover, the video uses the designer  Kateryna Bruyevych’s print.

Presentations of the video in Ukraine and Poland are next in turn.

See the video with pleasure:

Presentation of the video at the Russian TV channel «Dojd»:

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