By the end of this fall, the Haydamaky band is going to European tour “Songs of Revival”

14962399 1005669436225285_146299813_nDuring this tourthe band will perform in Poland and Germany. The first show will take place on November 24th in Krakow. After this, the roadmap of the tour is very dense: Leipzig, Gomunice, Rzeszow. Dresden, Slubice, Poznan, Nowy Dwor Gdanski, Olsztyn, Trzczanka and Hambourg, where the band will again perform on the MS Stubnitz ship, which is now transformed to the legendary music club on the water. The guys will drop up in 11 cities and towns, and twice in German Leipzig. European public will enjoy the brand new songs by Haydamaky. The band will perform «The Young Hearts», «The Rain» and «Don’t walk after me».

The band will be back in Ukraine in the middle of December. 

«SONGS OF REVIVAL» - this tourname wasnchosen accidently. With their music, the band wants to tell about the Ukrainian revival. 

Besides thisthe band has just recently took part in theRock-renaissanceproject, and has recorded brand new song with the words written by the poet Dmytro Zagula, called «The Young Hearts».  

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