Haydamaky and Tonya Matvienko have released the official video to “The Rain”

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The Haydamaky band and the famous signer Tonya Matvienko have just presented new official video for this duo song. This song, with words written by Oleksandr Iarmola, music and arrangement made by the whole Haydamaky band, is called “The Rain”. Director of the video – Sergiy Pogrebnyak, camera Andriy Kolodych, montage and post-production – Oleksiy Butskiy

In this video Sashko and Tonya are like In and Yang: shes in black dress, hes in white costume. They are symbolizing, with their images, the harmony and interaction between masculine and feminine energies. Both are united by the “Rain”.

"This song is about the rain, about time stopping and two lonely souls meeting up, - Tonya Matvienko tells.At the beginning I thought our voices with Sashko were completely incompatible, but in fact while singing, the vocals sounded pretty original and finally they really touch your heart".

Oleksandr Iarmola confessed that when deciding to make a new duo song, the whole band thought about Tonya.

"This song is very sensitive and its not exactly the same that we did before, - says Sashko Iarmola. – Without Tonya, it would not be possible to tell all those feelings and emotions this song has. For me, we did it really cool!"

The premiere of the video was released on January 16th on 1+1 TV channel. 

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