Haydamaky to present a brand new unplugged show

17102119 1502114103163753_1951080295_nVery famous in Ukraine in Europe kozak-rock band Haydamaky decided to cheer its fans up by creating a brand new show with revolutionary (for this band) unplugged sound! That doesn’t mean there’s no more drive or rock!

“Muses decides this way”, - says band leader Oleksandr Iarmola and adds: “We love this new sounds and want to share it with everyone!”

Recently the band toured again in Europe with “Young hearts” concert show. By the end of the fall “Haydamaky” are going to tour in Europe with “Songs of revival” show”. When back from tour, the band presented a duo song with charming Tonya Matvienko called “Rain”. Besides this, the band plans to shoot a new video for “Don’t walk” song, and to organize an all-Ukraine concert tour in the fall.

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