The Haydamaky band has recorded a song with the words of the famous Polish classic Adam Mickewicz!

12809569 1111954725501733_2291306446137567759_nThe premiere of the song has been released today on the main Polish radio Trojka! 

Some months ago, Waldek Sulisz, director of the European Taste Festival in Lublin, has suggested the Ukrainian musicians to record a song with the words of Adam Mickewicz. The band leader Oleksand Iarmola found this idea really great and on his return to Ukraine has immediately started searching for interesting translations of the texts of Polish classic. But he found nearly nothing, as the last good translation has been made in the 50th by Maksym Rylskiy. So Sashko decided to repair the situation and suggested to the famous Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andrukhovytch to do a modern translation of a poem by Mickewicz. At the same time, music has been inspired by the performance in Bilgorod-Dnistrovskiy, named Akkerman before 1944.

Besides this, in order to add some Polish spirit to the track, Haydamaky invited the famous Polish writer Andzej Stasiuk to cooperate!

Information: Polish radio Trojka is the biggest branded Polish radio, has been active for more than 50 years. His audience is the people with exquisite music taste. Hundreds of bands dream of being broadcasted on Trojka, but the music content is always being selected very carefully! 

Haydamaky & Andrzej Stasiuk - Stepy Akermanskie (music by Haydamaky, lyrics by Adam Mickiewicz, translation to Ukrainian by Yurij Andruhowych)

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