Haydamaky have released the official video to "Don't follow me"

IMG 20170403_142859_162In the new official video the bandleader Oleksandr Iarmola comes as a traveler, desperately trying to get rid of his past. You can also see some women: from a small girl to an old woman, symbolizing the fate walking after the video’s main hero. The famous clipmaker Oleg Borshchevskiy has worked on this new video. 

HAYDAMAKY - "Don't follow me"

«It was pleasure to work with musical material of such a quality. The song «caught» me from the very first listening and I immediately had an idea about the video to do. The song is very deep, so wanted to create multi-level metaphoric video. Sashko’s charisma is pretty enough for image, and jointly with women images it gives an extremely strong energy», – tells Oleg Borshchevskiy.

«Don’t follow me» has a deep philosophic meaning. That’s great Oleg Borshchevskiy could feel the song to 100 % and reflected all these emotions in the video», – shares his impressions the «Haydamaky» bandleader, Oleksandr Iarmola.

Let’s add that this new video of “Haydamaky” band is filled with the picturesque panoramas of «Kievan Rus» park and the unique shootings of Kyiv underground.

The whole team thanks Vitaliy Stavnichuk and Oleksandr Kolesnichenko for their help while shooting this new video.

We remind you that actually the «Haydamaky» band goes on working on their future unplugged album. Just recently, the band released the joint work with Tonya Matvienko for the “Rain” song. 

Haydamaky and Tonya Matvienko have released the official video to “The Rain”

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